Welcome to JagCreates.com were art & creativity exist while the energy expands and never dies. This is a place of production for individuals with ideas that has sparked from within the mind of the conscious thinker - not afraid to build their dreams & vision into reality, space, and time. JagCreates.com is an independent on-line Art Department that focuses on areas in Art | Design | & Film Production.


There are 5 main departments that makes this site:

1. Art- Drawing & Painting, Printmaking & Sculpture, Advance Drawing & Figure Drawing, Digital Color Photography, Airbrushed Illustration & Tattoo's, Origami and etc.

2. Graphics(Digital Media)- Photo Montages & Photo Retouches, Illustrations & 2D Animation, Business Cards & Flyers, Book & Magazine Design, Posters

& Brochures, T-Shirt Designs & Screen /Print, Album Covers & Prints, and etc.

3. Web Design- Customized Banners & Templates, HTML 5 Or Flash, Photo Galleries & Navigation Buttons, Flash Intro 5, Dynamic Websites Design, Roll Over Links & Buttons, Blogs & Forms, Youtube Video and etc.

4. RTVF Film Production- (HD)Editing, TV Commercial & Music Videos, Green Room & Special Effects, Demo Reels & Movie Production, 2D Animations & How To Videos, Online Shows & Special Events, and much more.

5. Writings- Articles, Poetry, and Story writings by J.A.G.

(Work is done using the best Apple/Mac/Adobe products: Adobe Photoshop CS5 • Adobe Flash CS5 • Adobe Premier Pro CS5 •Adobe Illustrator CS5 • DreamWeaver CS5 • Adobe After Effects CS5 • Final Cut Pro • Live Type • Soundtrack Pro • and iMovie. All video is using a Flip (HD)Camcorder(1o80p) • Renting 2x or 4x(HD) Camcorder(Optional) • MeanWhile all Eqiupment & Upgrades will be posted. How to video and Instructional video will be displayed on this site monthly or upon request.)

JAGCREATES.COM is a digital world of art & design - creating & amazement with a community of other services and links as a bonus- from new companies growing and expanding around the globe. In this fast changing world were new jobs and business are needed here in America on demand. We are attempting to become more independent and stronger within our own economy to help our neighbors next door and around the world. It's my duty using my spiritual gift as a artist to provide services that are creative and positive. To work along side with future clients that JagCreates.com will help to complete and evolve their idea into exsistence.



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